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Ipswich pest control – Pest Control Man

End of lease pest control

Select general / Cockroach spay or Flea spay, discounts apply if needing both services.



 Pest maintenance treatments

Select maintenance treatment warranty options

This is our general pest control for house ants, cockroaches, silverfish & spiders.

 Other pest treatments

Select the other pest treatment needed

The other pest treatments we offer are for yard ants, fleas, wasps or flying insects.





  Rodent treatments

Select the Rodent warranty option

Our thermal image inspection is Free with Rodent treatments




Discounts apply for 2 or more treatments

Select pest treatments needed

  • End of lease Pest Control

    * No Warranty Options *
  • General / Cockroach Spray
  • Flea Spray
  • Pest Maintenance Treatments

    * House Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Web Spiders *
  • Other Pest Treatments

    * Yard Ants, Fleas, Crawling Pests, Flying Pests *
  • Rodent Treatments

    * Thermal image inspection Free with treatments *
  • Discounts and Totals

  • Multiple Service - Package Discount
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